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Welcome to the Santiam Foot Clinic, PC, home of Dr. John T. Callahan and Dr. Tyler S. Manson, and thank you for choosing our office to provide your foot care needs. You have chosen physicians with a sincere interest in your concerns, complaints, treatment, and questions regarding your feet. Relax at our clinic as we alleviate your foot problems with special care.

Our office goal is to give you the best quality care possible. All our patients are important to us. We strive to educate our patients on their foot and ankle ailments so that an informed decision can be made in regard to the best available treatment options. Successful recovery is dependent on the patient's understanding of the recommended treatment plan. Your podiatric needs and personal concerns are of utmost importance to us. All treatment is provided to you by our podiatric physicians and surgeons.

Our office provides on-site digital X-ray, on-site surgical suite for minor surgical procedures, diabetic foot testing, peripheral arterial testing, diagnostic ultrasound and casting for forefoot orthotics. Diabetic wound care and outpatient surgical surgery is available.

Our providers treat all foot ailments, such as:

 •Ingrown Toenails
 •Plantar Fasciitis
 •Heel Pain
 •Fractures & Sprains
 •Bunion Deformities
 •Limb Length Discrepancies
 •Diabetic Problems
 •Toenail Problems
 •Flat Feet
 •Ulcers & Cysts
 •Achilles Tendon
 •Athlete's Foot
 •Children's Feet

Patient Forms

In an effort to save you time waiting for our New Patient forms in the mail, we offer the option to print and fill out our new patient forms by hitting the NEW PATIENT FORMS button below. Please bring these New Patient forms with you filled out on your first visit. We require arrival 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment with all of your new patient paperwork filled out prior to your appointment time.

Please print all forms listed below and bring filled out to your initial appointment.

Patient Testimonials

  • "I find Doctor Calahan and his staff to be friendly, very positive and efficient. They are alway upbeat and effective in treating my feet and I highly recommend them to all my family and friends. They get an A+ from me."
    - Anna J G.
  • "They are efficuent friendly and make simethinf nit fun as fun as it can be."
    - Renee B.
  • "I have Ceberal Palsey and it's important I take care of my feet..leaving here with a sense of relief that I'm good."
    - Roxanne C.
  • "Very friendly staff that make you feel super comfortable and welcomed. Such a good experience and would recommend to anyone."
    - Abigail Rene O.
  • "Dr. Callahan saved me from a painful surgery. I am overjoyed that my neuroma pain is gone! Everyone in the office is super."
    - Julie M.
  • "Love Santiam Foot Clinic, Dr.Calahan us great, funny and explains everything well. I highly recommend."
    - Sharon Kay K.
  • "My husband, who was referred to Dr. Callahan by a coworker, told me about his amazing experiences and suggested I see Dr. Callahan's office for a neuroma I have been suffering with for about a year. We live in Albany and I work in Corvallis so I could have gone anywhere but I decided to make the drive to Salem and check this office out. I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful and helpful the staff was! They are very friendly and accommodating to my schedule. Most importantly, Dr. Callahan listened to me and knew exactly what needed to be done to help me. He has the best personality! He's very professional, fun and has a witty sense of humor. Definitely worth the drive to see them! I highly recommend this clinic!!!"
    - Vicki B.
  • "Today I worked outside and at the end of the day my feet didn’t hurt for the first time in years! Thank you Dr John Callahan for preparing me for my hiking adventure 😀"
    - Sherri B
  • "Dr. Callahan has done 3 procedures on me in the last two years. Each time I get the same amazing experience. Not only is he kind, courteous, caring, humble and real, but he is absolutely hilarious. No doctor is any kind has ever made me feel as comfortable as he has. When I walk in, I know, without a doubt that he is going to take care of me. The MAs are very nice and friendly. The office staff is amazing. When I call, they know who I am, I don’t even have to give them my last name. You truly feel like you are getting a first class, family experience. I will always recommend Santiam Foot Clinic to anyone who needs a foot doctor."
    - Hope Sloan-M.
  • "I am new to the area and glad I choose Santiam Foot Clinic for my diabetic care. Dr. Callahan impressed me with his knowledge on foot problems. Friendly Staff."
    - Carole S.
  • "Boy, this place is a find! A golden find. Dr. Callahan has given me great help with some of my foot weirdness. He has eased quite a lot of pain, and now my right foot is mostly pain free! He helped me with the left foot today, and he is very skilled and knowledgeable, looking at the full gamut of treatments and methods. I believe he is the closest thing I have seen to a holistic foot Dr. except without the wacky theories. Simply, can your feet affect your entire body? Yes. And conversely, can greater body conditions affect your feet too? Of course. He is a very knowledgeable guy and is also very nice as a person. I really like Him and this clinic. Great staff."
    - Lyal Shoff
  • "Dr. Callahan is a great doc. I have been going to him for years!5 stars
    - Linda B.
  • "Great and friendly place in and out and not waiting
    - Adam M.
  • "Yes!! We love Dr. Callahan and is amazing staff!!
    - Ritchie S
  • "Great doctors and staff, always professional . Helped me alot .
    - Steve H
  • "Great staff and effective treatment!
    -Lori Y.
  • "Santiam foot clinic is the place of my friends like to bring me to, in fact they fight over coming with me. the doctors cared enough to make me feel relaxed as well as the giving me the best care possible. this includes both the physical care and the information to help keep me problem free.
    - Deborah A
  • "We appreciate Dr Callahan so much! He takes care of my and my husband feet regularly. He does a great job!"
    - Mary Oliver
  • "Dr Callahan worked hard to get me pain free after having a bone spur removed on my left heel. Thank you Dr Callahan for keeping up the great humor to get me through the process."
    - Marion S
  • "The staff at Santiam foot clinic were friendly and fun and they give great service. incredibly timely, and they really listen to your cares and concerns. A job well done!"
    - Leslie Trommlitz-L.
  • "Dr Callahan is knowledgeable in his field however he’s a bit crazy very funny and doesn’t make you feel like you’re visiting a Dr."
    -Craig Kathy G.
  • "We love Dr. Manson! He did a great job and is very friendly and personable. The receptionist is sweet and adorable, and the nurses are fantastic!"
    -Sheila R.
  • "I had foot surgery 2 weeks ago. Dr. John Callahan is the best. Healing quickly with no issues."
    - John K.
  • "Yes I would recommend them!"
    - Sam M.
  • "Dr Callahan is truly a dedicated Podiatrist who is going to make your feet feel 100%. I recommend him for all your needs!!"
    - Angie T.
  • "Dr. Callahan is AMAZING! Thorough, funny, and incredibly informative. My 90 year old Grandma absolutely loved her visit with him. Highly recommend!"
    - Tarah P.
  • "The place to go to not only get great foot care, but the friendliest & funniest staff ever!"
    - Shirley Taylor H.
  • "I always have fun when I visit Dr. Callahan. He's hilarious, but also really knows his stuff! Even though I don't like the injections I have to get, he makes the visit worth it."
    - Shirley H.
  • "I have been going to this clinic for a while.  Had surgery and I give them an A+ because it is always a very positive place, friendly, laughing and pleasant.  They are quick , efficient, and effective in treatments.  From the staff to the Doctor Calahan   I highly recommend them. And have recommended them to many family and friends."
    - Anna G.
  • "Dr. Callahan is the man. Very knowledgeable about anything and everything foot related, and also an enjoyable person to be around. I love the atmosphere at Santiam Foot Clinic. All the employees are upbeat and happy to be there. Definitely would recommend!"
    -Brandon L.
  • "My appointment at Santiam Foot Clinic PC was both enlightening and reassuring as Dr. Callahan and Staff created a pleasantly relaxing atmosphere while quickly assessing my podiatric needs and taking care of personal history and insurance matters. Dr. Callahan explained medical aspects of foot health generally and my condition specifically. His responses to questions directly answered my concerns and I am certain I will be walking more comfortably in the near future with planned measures to be taken. My thanks are profound!"
    -Shirley M.
  • "Dr. Callahan has helped both my husband and my oldest daughter who were born with a very rare condition called Adams Oliver Syndrome. My daughter was born with no toes and at the age of 22 her foot is no longer than an average 2 year olds. She has suffered extreme pain for years with her feet obtaining so much pressure from walking in one specific area. Dr. Callahan was able to make both of them inserts to assist with the pain they experience. We are very pleased with the services he has provided and recommend him to anyone who is experiencing any pain in their feet or ankles."
    -Sandie B.
  • "The people are so nice , and friendly and the doctors really know what they are talking about.. Must go"
    -Mary M.


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